Náboje RWS cal. 22 Flobert 150ks

Kód: 15441
3 hodnocení
Značka: RWS
850 Kč 702,48 Kč bez DPH
Skladem (19 ks)
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Náboj s okrajovým zápalem ráže 22 Flobert. Baleno po 150 kusech. Určeno pro flobertkové revolvery.

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Náboje RWS cal. 22 Flobert

Baleno po 150ks

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MA Avatar autora No good for Zoraki streamer,Don't know about other guns as don't own any other floberts yet 31.1.2019 20:35
These caps are advertised as "Designed for flobert revolvers", I don't believe this is the case,seeing as once they have been fired you cannot extract the spent cartridges with the extractor on the revolver,no matter how hard you push they are stuck in there. I had to take a thin screwdriver and a hammer and manually remove each spent cartridge manually by hand. This not good if you want to be shooting with any speed,plus the hammer and screwdriver could damage your gun. My gun is by no means in bad condition,I bought the Zoraki streamer 6" Barrel in chrome with "hubs" from this site and only received it a week and a day ago,so my revolver is brand new. When you load up the chambers with this ammo and push the extractor,it will extract them,But once fired,even if its only one cartridge you cannot work the extractor to empty the chambers for the next reload
PM Avatar autora výkon náboje 17.11.2018 18:48
dobrý den zajímal by mne v Joule.
K Avatar autora 22.11.2018 13:23
Energie střely se pohybuje kolem 40 J